Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

Before you call one of the experts in home renovations in Calgary, what projects have the lowest rate of return on the investment? And just as important, how can you reduce the cost and improve the return on the investment of these projects?

Do you need interior or exterior painting? Believe it or not, having the answers to these questions will make finding Calgary house painters alot easier.


An add-on sunroom that lets you enjoy the sun seems to bring the outdoors in. You may add skylights, low-E windows, automatic shades, HVAC and other amenities to make it comfortable year round. Done right, a sunroom can help heat adjacent rooms. Done wrong, and it overheats in the summer due to the greenhouse effect while becoming just another room people pass through on their way to a now smaller yard.

Before you build a new sunroom, talk to a Calgary home renovations about how to bring more light and air to your existing living areas. Or discuss options for improving your patio area so that it becomes an extension of your living space, without having to pour an extension of the foundation and build walls. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit could extend use of an existing patio into the fall for a fraction of the cost.

Master Suite Additions

A master suite turns your master bedroom into something more akin to a hotel room. Instead of simply having a bedroom, closets and standard master bathroom, a master suite upgrade includes spa quality bathroom amenities, a sitting room to go with the master bedroom space, and even a kitchenette.

The master bedroom, along with the kitchen and kids’ bedrooms, tend to be what sell a house. A master suite does add value to your home, but you only get a 50% to 70% rate of return on the cost. Cost effective alternatives include upgrading the shower heads and fixtures in the master bathroom, replacing a single sink with a double vanity sink, turning the powder room into usable space or storage, adding storage options to the closet while reorganizing it, and increasing the ambiance of the bedroom through better lighting and layout instead of adding more square footage.

Gas Piping Changes

Both under-tightening and over-tightening the nuts that hold the pipes in place can cause a gas leak. The danger is all the greater if you’re moving a gas heater, stove or hot water heater and adding on new pipe. Skip the DIY and call in a pro. The cost of having it done right is far less than the price to renovate your kitchen after an explosion.


When you live in a neighborhood of three bedroom, two bath single family homes, your one bathroom house has a disadvantage on the market. In this case, adding a second bathroom improves the home’s value, though you’ll only recoup around 90% of its value. However, if the house has the standard number of bathrooms for the neighborhood, adding yet another one has almost no ROI.

Renovating an existing bathroom has a good rate of return if it is done right. For example, replacing leaking, rusted fixtures with new ones is a low cost, high value proposition. Replacing single sinks with dual sinks, installing new mirrors with premium lighting, swapping out boring shower heads with ones featuring massage and body spray options and ripping out carpeting for never-moldy tile are worth the cost. Remodeling a bathroom so that the toilet or shower has improved access for those with limited mobility is certainly cheaper than relying on home health aids to assist someone with going to the bathroom.
And always hire an expert in Calgary home renovations like in for projects like this instead of trying to do it yourself or relying on a plumber for a project that should involve a host of building professionals.

While many people want to do home renovations themselves to save money and enjoy seeing the results of what they’ve built with their own hands, there are many projects that should never be do-it-yourself. When should you call a Calgary renovation contractors, and when can you do it yourself?


Most people have the skills to replace the decorative plates over the electrical outlet. Many more think they have the skills to wire an additional electrical plug or make changes to the electrical connections for lighting and appliances. The risks electrical shocks pose are well known. The risk of doing it wrong and sparking a literal fire are to often ignored. The hassle of flipping the breaker all the time because you’re trying to run too many items off of a single wall outlet is underappreciated. If your renovation requires additional electrical outlets and installing wiring to meet increased power demand, call in a professional. A Calgary renovations firm can often install new lighting that doesn’t require punching holes through the wall, find energy efficient appliances that let you use the current electrical wiring, and will crawl through the attic for you if necessary.

Bricklaying and Stone Work

You are qualified to line up the bricks in front of the flower garden to create a border. You have the skills to put pre-made step stones where you want them. When should you leave it to the professionals? Always call in professionals when you need to build a retaining wall, since the structure needs to be strong enough to hold back the weight of the soil and rock behind it. Never assume that you’re qualified to replace cracking bricks in a façade as the wall shifts or foundation cracks. This is a cosmetic fix for an obvious structural problem.. An exterior renovations Calgary will tell you if the project is called for due to foundation problems, structural issues with the wall behind the masonry or actually cosmetic.  If you need a home in a Fort McMurray checkout for the latest in Fort McMurray Homes for sale listings this site is amazing.


Most people have the skills to replace their air conditioner and heater’s air filters. They may have the skills and parts to replace a flame sensor in the furnace and restart the HVAC system after a lockout. However, more advanced maintenance and repairs like repairing broken motors, fans and heat exchangers need to remain the purview of professionals.

Stripping and Repainting

Most home owners are completely qualified to repaint a room, paint over the child’s fingerprints and add decorations to a bedroom wall. Stripping and repainting kitchen cabinets seems to fall in the same category, but it is better to bring in a professional. Most home owners don’t realize how much time it takes to do this task themselves, while making a mess of the kitchen in the process. Replacing drawers and cabinet doors with pre-made ones that are more ergonomic or stylish is a time-saving solution. Likewise, refinishing floors sounds like a DIY task until you’ve sanded a divot into the floor and need to call in a professional to fix the floor you tried to do yourself.  If you think the home just needs too much work and you’re looking for quality homes for sale in Calgary then check out for the most up to day listings.   Let a Calgary renovations company do this work for you so that you save time and minimize your inconvenience while knowing it is done right.

CoreFront Discusses Calgary Renovations:

When should you call in a professional instead of doing DIY work? Always use a professional when the alternative poses a risk to your safety. Use a professional contractor when a project gone wrong costs more to repair than you saved doing it yourself.

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